Lampshade Re-covering - Leicestershire and UK-Wide

Although this is more convenient for Leicestershire customers I also offer this service through the post.

Lampshade recovers restoration leicestershire  pale pink bowed empire lampshade with tassels

Benefits of Re-covering

The fabric or lining is tired, faded or started to disintegrate

Re-covering the shade restores its original beauty and making it look brand new.

It no longer fits in with your décor

 A lampshade that was once a perfect match might now clash with your updated colour scheme. Re-covering allows you to choose a fabric that better suits your current aesthetic.

Custom made for you

When you re-cover a lampshade, you can choose a fabric, pattern, and colour that perfectly suits your personal taste and home décor. Whether you prefer a bold, statement piece or a subtle, understated look, a bespoke design allows you to create a unique lampshade that reflects your individual style.

Lampshade recovers restoration leicestershire grey velvet bowed empire with gold fringe

You want to be sustainable

Sustainability is more important than ever so instead of discarding an old lampshade and contributing to landfill waste consider reusing the existing frame and simply updating the fabric.

Sentimental value

Sometimes, lampshades are more than just functional items—they hold sentimental value. Perhaps the shade was a gift or a family heirloom. Re-covering allows you to preserve the sentimental significance while giving it a fresh appearance.

Quality improvement

Many mass-produced lampshades are made with lower-quality materials that may not stand the test of time. By choosing high-quality fabrics and linings for re-covering, you can enhance the durability and longevity of the lampshade, ensuring it remains a beautiful fixture in your home for years to come.

Lampshade recovers restoration leicestershire vintage corset lampshade

Unusual shapes and non-standard fittings

Vintage lampshades come in a myriad of unusual shapes, which you may not be able to replicate if buying new, or they may have non-standard fittings. If you love the lamp base but the lampshade is tired, a re-cover may be the best option.

Will it be cheaper than buying a new lampshade?

Probably not, unless you are comparing it to a handmade bespoke lampshade and even then, it takes longer to re-cover a lampshade than to start with a new frame.


The Process

Photographs and Measurements

I will need photographs and measurements of your lampshade of your lampshade (the height and base width). Based on the information you provide, I will give you an estimate of the labour cost. If you decide to proceed, we can move on to the next step.

Design and Fabric Selection

We will collaborate on the design of your lampshade, selecting the perfect fabric and trims. I can send you fabric samples so you can see and feel them in your own home. If you prefer to use your own fabric, please send a sample so I can check for suitability.

Quotation and Timescale

Once you have made your choices, I will prepare a detailed quotation and estimate the timescales for completion. Full payment is required in advance before I can begin ordering the materials and starting work on your lampshade.

Delivery Options

You can either drop off and collect your lampshade in person, or we can handle everything through the post. I recommend using an insured delivery service such as Royal Mail or Parcelforce, as most other couriers do not offer insurance for lampshades. Delivery prices start at around £5 for small to medium size shades.

Situations where a re-cover may not be possible

Damaged or Fragile Frames

If your frame is damaged or bent, I won't be able to re-cover it. It is possible to get joints spot welded, but this is not a service I can offer. Very old and fragile frames may not be able to take the strain of being re-covered. When the fabric is stretched over the frame it does put it under some stress so the metal must be in sound condition. However, it is possible to get a bespoke replica frame fabricated if it is not possible to use the existing frame.