I'm not sure about the fabric is it possible to get a sample?

Yes. Please contact me with your name and address and I will post out a free sample.

Will your lampshades fit my style of lamp base?

My lampshades (and shade carriers) are fitted with a removable reducer which means they fit both UK & the larger EU lamp fittings (often sold by Ikea). If you have a US-style harp fitting I can also help. Please contact me for advice.

Duplex Lampshade Fittings

Most vintage style lampshades are supplied with a duplex fitting. This gives flexibility as they can be hung on a lamp base or a ceiling pendant. For mounting on a lamp, a shade carrier is required.

My lampshades are supplied with a complementary shade carrier to suit the size and style of lampshade purchased. If you want to hang your lampshade from a ceiling/pendant fitting please contact me when you place your order and I will provide you with the alternative "spider" attachment.


All my modern lampshades are lined with a heat-safe white PVC backing material that has been tested and passed the glow wire test carried out by the Lighting Association. Low energy LED bulbs are recommended.

My vintage style lampshades are treated with a flame-proof solution. Please use a low-energy LED lightbulb with your lampshade to prevent scorching.

Recycled Frames

With the aim of sustainability, I sometimes source vintage frames for my traditional hand stitched lampshades.  These will be reconditioned but may still show some small signs of previous use.  Where these are offered for sale, the description will confirm that the frame is recycled.

What types of fabrics are suitable?

If you want to use your own fabric I will need a sample, I will then be able to advise on the suitability for the lampshade you have in mind.

For handstitched lampshades fabrics thinner fabric work best, such as silk, fine cottons, or linens.  Although I do also use velvets, and some other heavier fabrics, they can be tricky to work with and the panels may have to be individually sewn to the frame. This has an impact on the cost, design, and finishes - please ask me for advice.

For tailored lampshades fabrics usually have to be cut on the bias (i.e., at a 45 degree angle) which can make some patterns look odd so this needs to be considered when choosing your fabric.  Thinner fabrics can sometimes be used on the straight of the grain, but a lot will depend on the style of the frame and the amount of stretch in the fabric. 

Gathered and pleated designs work best with thinner fabrics, and although thicker fabrics can be used, they will produce a different finish.  The fabric can be used on the straight of the grain for these designs.  Small scale prints such as Liberty or a more modern Ikat can look really effective.

For contemporary lampshades light to medium weight woven fabrics work best.  Stretch fabrics, pure silks and satins are best avoided. Although there are some very good faux silks available which look just like the real thing and work well.

Some fabrics don't adhere well to the PVC, usually because they that have been coated in the manufacturing process (e.g., fire retardant finishes) so I always like to do a test first. Thicker fabrics can be difficult to tuck in and create bulky seams. Please ask me for advice if you have a fabric in mind.

Refunds & Delivery

You can find information on Refunds and Delivery here.

Lampshade Queries?

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